Elle est capable d'enchanter son quotidien comme elle le désire. Pourtant, elle sent qu'elle ne peut jamais totalement échapper aux attentes des autres. Le fait d'être une femme constitue une part importante de l'image qu'elle renvoie au monde. Cela la rend forte et fière mais elle ressent encore le besoin de s'en protéger parfois. La forme du sautoir Wednesday, aérienne et évoquant un talisman, symbolise sa féminité et sa capacité à l'accepter pour en faire une force.

She is able to enchant her everyday life as she pleases. Yet, she feels like she can never totally escape from other people expectations. Being a woman makes up an important part of how the world sees her. It makes her strong and proud but she still feels the need sometimes to protect herself. The totem-like aerial shape of the Wednesday long necklace epitomizes her femininity and her ability to embrace it to make it hers.

Photo : Mourad Kechar

The Wednesday long necklace is made of a central part composed of 7 layered parts and 2 symmetrical compositions of beads and washers.

From the sides up (only one side described) to down in the middle the Wednesday long necklace is made of :
- An engraved Mumpish tablet.
- A set of 5 wooden beads and 6 metallic washers.
- 1 golden metal tube in between 2 metallic washers.
- A set of 2 wooden beads and 2 metallic washers.
- 1 laser cut and engraved blue wooden piece, serving as the base for the other wooden shapes.
- 6 laser cut wooden pieces of various shapes. 1 blue, 2 cream, 1 pink, 1 black, 1 yellow.

Each piece is carefully painted, varnished and put together by hand.
120 EUR