Inspirée par les formes complexes et les propriétés protect de sa broche Tuesday, elle imagine un fétiche encore plus élaboré pour repousser la morosité. Au centre de sa création trône l'oeil protecteur qui lui est cher. Son aura apaisante l'aide à s'éclaircir l'esprit tout en gardant les ombres à une distance rassurante. L'ensemble lui permet de se sentir complète et équilibrée.

Inspired by the intricate shape and protective properties of her Tuesday pin, she imagined an even more elaborate fetish to ward off gloominess. At the center of her creation lies the protective eye she holds dear. Its soothing aura helps her clear her thoughts and immediate surroundings while keeping darkness at a safe distance. The whole makes her feel safe and balanced.

Photo : Mourad Kechar

The Thursday necklace is made of 11 pieces, 10 symmetrically splited between a central piece.

From the sides up (only one side described) to down in the middle the Thurday necklace is made of :

- An engraved Mumpish tablet.
- 1 laser cut black acrylic wave shape.
- A set of 1 wooden and 2 metallic washers.
- 1 golden metal tube.
- A set of 2 wooden and 2 metallic washers.
- 1 laser cut clear acrylic wave shape.
- 1 laser cut and engraved busy gold acrylic shape.
- A set of 1 wooden bead and 2 metallic washers.
- 4 laser cut wooden pieces of various shapes. 1 blue, 1 pink, 1 black, 1 yellow.

Each piece is carefully painted, varnished and put together by hand.

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