Avec leur apparente infinité de combinaisons de formes et de couleurs, les fleurs sont le parfait symbole du monde enchanté et fascinant qu'elle essaye de se contruire. Alors qu'elle rêvasse au cours d'une après-midi de paresse, des fleurs charmantes mais pas si inoffensives s'épanouissent depuis son esprit jusqu'à ses oreilles.

With their seemingly infinite combinations of colors and shapes, flowers epitomize the enchanted and fascinating world she tries to build for herself. Daydreaming on a lazy afternoon, charming yet not so harmless flowers blossom into her mind down to her ears.

Photo : Mourad Kechar

The Sunday earrings are made of 2 pieces, linked with golden metallic rings to allow movement.

From up to down (only one earring described) the Sunday earrings are made of :
- An composition made of 3 laser cut and layered pieces of wood or acrylic: 1 blue, 1 golden and engraved, 1 purple.
- An imaginary flower made of 3 laser cut pieces of wood or acrylic : 1 pink, also engraved, 1 purple, 1 gold.

Each piece is carefully painted, varnished and put together by hand.

Those earrings are for pierced ears.

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90 EUR