Bercée par le rythme monotone du temps qui passe, elle a appris à apprécier son rythme paisible. Le tic tac net des rouages de l'horoge deviennent de la musique à ses oreilles et le temps semble presque s'arrêter lorsqu'elle le comble d'amour et d'amitié.

Lulled by the monotonous rhythm of time passing by, she has learned to enjoy its gentle flow. The sharp ticking of clocks wheelwork turns into music to her ears and time almost seems to stop when she fills it with love and friendship.

Photo : Mourad Kechar

The Saturday earrings are made of 3 pieces, linked with golden metallic rings to allow movement.

From up to down (only one earring described) the Saturday earrings are made of :
- 2 laser cut wooden circles : 1 purple and engraved, 1 cream.
- An oblong shape made of 3 laser cut and layered pieces of wood or acrylic: 1 blue, 1 golden,
1 cream and black.
- 1 laser cut wooden spiky shape.

Each piece is carefully painted, varnished and put together by hand.

Those earrings are for pierced ears.

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90 EUR