Capable de voir la beauté dans chaque détail, elle collectionne les perles et les breloques. Leurs formes douces et leurs tendres couleurs lui rappellent les petits coquillages et galets qui composaient le trésor de ses vacances d'antan. Tout comme à l'époque, elle transforme ses gemmes en un talisman protecteur qui l'aide à surmonter l'amer sentiment de retour à la réalité des lundi matins.

Seeing the beauty in every detail, she collects beads and trinkets. Their soft shapes and tender colors reminds her of the small seashells and pebbles that composed the precious treasure of her childhood holidays. Just as then, she turns her special gems into a protective keepsake to help her cope with the eerie back-to-reality feeling of Monday mornings.

Photo : Mourad Kechar

Composition : The Monday necklace is made of 16 pieces, 12 symmetrically splited between a central piece. The centrer piece is made of 4 articulated parts.
From the sides up (only one side described) to down in the middle the Monday necklace is made of :

- 1 engraved Mumpish tablet.
- A set of 1 wooden and 2 metallic washers with 1 wooden bead inbetween.
- An imaginary flower made of 2 laser cut pieces of wood.
- A set of 1 wooden and 2 metallic washers.
- 1 laser cut and engraved clear acrylic piece.
- An oblong shape with spikes made of 3 laser cut and engraved wooden pieces.
- 1 laser cut and engraved gold and black acrylic shape.
- 1 laser cut triangle shape with a heart cutout in the center.
- A wooden totem like shape. Made of 2 pieces of laser cut wood, 1 engraved with a heart and two flowers shapes.
- A set of 2 wooden and 3 metallic washers with a wooden bead inbetween.
- 1 drop shaped laser cut clear acrylic charm.

Each piece is carefully painted, varnished and put together by hand.

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120 EUR